To double or triple the power of your car, you should need to install turbocharger and supercharger kits. The amount of horsepower created by these things is insane. If you are serious racer who wants faster times a turbocharger or supercharger is must. It serves the purpose of speed, power and fuel efficiency which is the major goal for any racing car.

Superchargers are made up for any type of engine. It consists of two types of kits and both of them work by using fan belt pulley. In just a basic kit, it creates 40-50% horsepower rate. It produces 2000 rev/min. Superchargers are ready to start with your engine, while turbochargers are not. It also tents to last longer than turbo because they require less maintenance. In superchargers, if you want to boost up your power, then you need to buy a whole new kit. As in turbocharger, you just have to switch out to get power booster.

In simple term a turbocharger kit is nothing but a device which increases the compactness of air entering the engine to generate more power. It consists of gas compressor which is used for forced induction of an internal combustion engine. Turbocharger kits currently available in the market are made by number of automobile companies. They deliver quality product, impeccable design, and well developed turning. Researchers prove that a turbocharger enhances the power of your engine by up to 35%.

If you are thinking about turbo-charging your engine you need to decide which turbo do you want to install? Smaller turbo gives faster boost response but with limited power. While, larger turbo takes bit more time for the boost to kick but when it does make up for that lost time in big way. Thus, it is up to you, which type of kit you required to install in your car. It is drive by exhaust gas and needs fresh oil, so high rated oils must be used in your car. The advantages of using turbo is that it posses the ability to create more power by using boost controllers or upgrading to a large turbo. Unlike Superchargers, it tends to produce more heat. Due to this, it creates dense air that cannot be compressed. Therefore, an interior cooler can be additionally added which helps to prevent this problem. Turbo must be allowed to heat up and cool down for few minutes at idle after race.